Livestock Management Apps
For when each and every animal counts

Individual Animal Records

Electronic / management tags






Simple but Versatile

All livestock types

Efficient mob-based data entry

Farm summary dashboard

Property mapping

Weight performance and paddock loading

Assists with compliance requirements

Reminders and diary

Always Accessible

Desktops, tablets and smartphones

Just need a modern browser

Data stored in Cloud and synchronised between devices

Use offline when out of reception

Unlimited users and data

Desktop App

Created for larger screens, a keyboard and mouse.

A dashboard provides customisable farm summary tables, charts and maps.

Easily add data and make bulk changes.

Have any arrangement of windows showing different information.

Copy and paste data into a spreadsheet or transfer to/from other software.

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Desktop Interface

Mobile App

Developed for touchscreen phones and tablets.

Provides the same functions as the Desktop App, just in a mobile-friendly format.

A dashboard provides customisable farm summary tables, charts and maps.

Add data such as treatments and weights to individual animals or mobs.

Enter your data wherever you are, then sync with the cloud.

Try it now with example data
Mobile Interface

About Us

We have a small farm in the Lockyer Valley in Queensland, Australia. We wanted to upgrade from using spreadsheets for livestock records, and found that none of the options available suited us. They were either restricted to certain devices, outdated, feature poor, or most of all just too expensive. So having a background in software development, we decided to create our own, and you're welcome to use it too!

We'll continue to upgrade Novastock - send an email to with any suggestions you have.

Why Use Novastock?

Which of these apply to you?

If most or all of the items above ring true, then Novastock should suit you well.

Create Your Own Account

Due to a very high uptake and subsequent maintenance requirements, Novastock is not currently available as a free service for new users. Existing accounts are unaffected.

If you're interested in signing up as a paid service, contact us at